‘FOX and Friends’ Co-Hosts Discuss Trump and DeSantis With Campaigns Underway

On Tuesday, FOX and Friends co-hosts discussed Trump’s visit to Iowa on his campaign trail for the 2024 presidential election. According to the New York Times, Trump’s visit to Iowa is being compared to DeSantis’ visit to Iowa just days earlier. DeSantis, who has not yet officially announced that he is running for president, was visiting Iowa on his book tour. The Times noted that DeSantis had a crowd of 1,000 for his tour, while Trump had supporters waiting in line to fill the 2,400 seat facility. 

Kilmeade pointed out that Trump is trying to attack DeSantis saying that he wants to attack social security and medicare, while also trying to label him as a “Jeb Bush/Paul Ryan Republican.” In his interview with Kilmeade, DeSantis shared that he is not worried about being labeled because he is ready to stand up with his track record.


Doocy suggested that Trump is going after DeSantis because he sees DeSantis as his greatest threat.

However, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said that he believes Trump is “the one to beat.” Still, he suggests that Republicans will nominate “the outsider” because, he says, nominating someone who already comes from the system is difficult to break them of the system.


Doocy reminded all that while the nominee for the 2024 presidential election is being discussed, it is still very early. 

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