Fox News Meteorologist Details His Brutal Attack on NYC Subway

Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to share details about his assault on a New York City subway after he defended another man. 

Klotz explained that in a group of teenagers one of them lit a joint and also lit a man’s hair on fire while on the subway around midnight. Klotz, who stepped in became the focus of the teens who launched a brutal and violent attack on him. The teenagers were screaming “put him to sleep” and pursued Klotz in another subway car. 


Klotz shared that people were willing to help him after the teenagers left, but not while he was being attacked. Klotz understands that when people step up to help one another in trouble, they in turn get attacked themselves.

Three of the eight teenagers who launched the assault were caught by cops, but they were released that night after their names were recorded by police. 


The city of nightmares is only getting worse. Klotz shared he wants to see change in the city, noting that cops should be on subways and should be doing something about the crime. The subway Klotz was on was not empty, but crowds seem to no longer be a deterrent to crime in addition to the lack of law and order.  

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