Georgia Sheriff’s Office Describes Struggle With Staff Shortage

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Douglas County, Georgia Sheriff Tim Pounds and Lt. Col. Tavarreus Pounds who shared how the staffing shortage is affecting their police department making it more difficult to respond to calls and forcing some deputies to work nearly 80 hours a week. 

The officers explained that their department is working as hard as they can to do their jobs, and the frontline officers are doing a great amount of overtime trying to be where they need to at one time to keep the community safe. Sheriff Tim Pounds shared that loyalty is what is holding his department together right now. 


Lt. Col. Tavarreus Pounds explained that they are not getting much backlash from their community which has been supportive of them. After holding a job fair with 77 applicants, the officers are hopeful that candidates will make it through the process and be able to join the department, relieving some of the stress that is on the officers because of the shortage. 


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