Gold Star Parents of Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Demand Accountability Ahead of Roundtable Discussion

Gold Star parents Darin Hoover, Kelly Barnett and Steve Nikoui joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to give a preview into their roundtable discussion with the House Foreign Affairs committee two years after their children were among the thirteen killed in the Kabul airport attack.

Today is a hard day as it is the anniversary of when the caskets were brought home carrying America’s fallen heroes. 


Hoover shared that his goal today is to hold each and every person responsible for the mistakes that were made that led to the bombing. 

Barnett explained that she believes there is much being covered up by the government, calling the tragedy “an orchestrated nightmare.” Barnett questioned why the security of American soldiers was trusted to the Taliban. 


Nikoui also wants to hold those accountable and hear them admit to their mistakes. Although he doubts the administration will do so, Nikoui shared he is hopeful they will take responsibility. 

The Gold Star parents remembered their children reflecting on their dedication to serving their country and others. 

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