Gov. Doug Burgum Outlines Plan to Remedy Biden’s Failing Economic Policies

Presidential candidate Gov. Doug Burgum joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss his success in North Dakota and his plan to fix the damage done by the Biden administration’s policies. 

Burgum acknowledged the economy is the top focus for Americans, and boasted his success in North Dakota facilitating income growth and economic improvement. Burgum sympathized with Americans who are struggling with inflation, and noted that the Biden administration’s promise that inflation will get under control in a year is not good enough. Burgum suggested that states facilitate job growth, and encourage young Americans to enter trades rather than push them straight into college. 


Burgum said that the first policy of the Biden administration that needs to change is energy, which he explained has had a snowball effect on damaging America’s economy and more. 

In his run for the GOP presidential nomination for 2024, Burgum boasted enormous confidence based on his record leading a state and running businesses. 


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