Gov. Ron DeSantis Details Florida’s Overwhelming Success, Introduces New Book

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss revoking Disney’s self-governing status, his success in Florida, and the purpose behind his new book, The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint For America’s Revival

DeSantis has been drawing hundreds of thousands of Americans to live in Florida under his governorship, and many are still making their way there for a better life. In his book, DeSantis talks about what has made Florida such a success story on its own and for so many people, citing its record surplus budget, low taxes, as well as education and economic freedom. 


DeSantis said that in Florida, they stand for and fight for the right principles, adding that they lift people up towards success unlike in blue states where people are often downtrodden by harmful policies. 

Regarding the revocation of Disney’s self-governing status, DeSantis argued that it was time for the company to be treated fairly by paying their fair share in taxes and debts. He noted that their “woke” direction, and going against Florida’s policies to incorporate “sexuality in programming,” was part of what motivated the move to take away their power since DeSantis did not believe it was right for Floridians to be “de facto subsidizing their activism.” 


As America is anxious to hear whether or not DeSantis will run for president, he has not yet made an announcement. When questioned, DeSantis said that he is focusing on legislative sessions over the next few months and his book release, adding that “once the dust settles…we can see where things lay.”

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