Governor Kristi Noem Discusses Legislation Maintaining Fairness in Girl’s Sports

South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem appeared on FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss her legislation on transgender athletes and fighting Critical Race Theory in schools. 

Governor Noem signed “the strongest bill in the nation” to ban trans athletes from female sports. The bill established fairness in sporting events by maintaining a level playing field. Noem shared that the bill “will make sure girls at the K-12 level and at the college level [will] compete only against girls.” The effort will enable girls to compete in a sport on an even playing field, and possibly win scholarships or play a sport professionally. Noem explained that the fight for fairness in sporting events is not new to South Dakota as they had previously fought and won to maintain separate rodeo sports for boys and girls a few years ago. 


Governor Noem also asserted that she was ahead of the game regarding Critical Race Theory’s encroachment in schools. In 2019, she brought forth a bill “that would put more civics and history into [classrooms] in South Dakota,” but the bill was rejected by Republicans who foolishly “didn’t think it was necessary to have more history taught to our children.” She hopes that with parents taking more of an interest in their children’s education, American patriotism will be on a path towards “revitalization.” 


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