Historic House Offers New ‘Venue of Patriotism’ to Teach Future Generations

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Retired Major General Jerry Humble and country music singer Tim Montana discussed their inspiration for the Lt. Presley Neville O’Bannon House in Kentucky which honors the legacy of the Hero of Derna. 

Humble explained that in providing a “venue for patriotism” the new foundation, which honors O’Bannon who was the first American to plant the American flag on foreign soil in 1805, is essential for our youth and for our country considering the developments over the last few years. Drawing people of all generations, but especially the younger generation, the story of O’Bannon will fill them with pride and allow them to experience this important American history. 


Country singer Tim Montana discussed the song he was inspired to write, “Runs in the Blood” with the Brotherhood Tough Band, which he refers to as a Marine Corps anthem. More about the O’Bannon House can be learned at obannonhouse.org


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