‘Hold the Line’ Holds Rally Outside Disney Headquarters Protesting ‘Woke’ Agenda

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Hold the Line founder Sean Feucht to discuss the rally they will have today at Disney’s headquarters in California protesting Disney’s ‘woke’ agenda. 

Feucht explained that Disney “crossed a line” when they began to sexualize content that is meant for children. Feucht described his organization, Hold the Line, as an “activist movement” that encourages Americans to “rise up and stand for biblical values.” So far, they have 20,000 signatures on a petition at parentsfightback.com, and they are now gathering together at the rally with parents, along with former and current Disney employees, to let their voices be heard. 


Declaring 2022 to be the “year of the parents,” Feucht predicted that Disney will see a dip in their earnings as frustrated parents withdraw support from Disney services. 


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