Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Reacts to Lawyers Now Denying It’s His

Whistleblower and computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac and Attorney Brian Della Rocca joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss Hunter Biden’s lawyers denying that they admitted Hunter’s laptop was real after asking the DOJ to probe its leakers. John Paul explained that “the whole thing reeks of retaliation.” 

Della Rocca explained that Hunter signed a consent to allow John Paul to access the computer which included the condition that if the computer was not picked up after 90 days of completion, it would be considered abandoned property and become the property of John Paul. 


John Paul did not disseminate any information from the laptop, said Della Rocca, rather he gave it over to the FBI, but when the FBI didn’t seem to do anything about it, he took it to President Trump’s attorney. 

John Paul shared that there have been several attempts to “modify” or assert “fake data” into the laptop to discredit its contents. Expecting this to happen, John Paul made a copy of the drive before passing it over to the FBI out of concern that he could not trust them. 


There is no doubt that Hunter knows this is his laptop, said Della Rocca, who noted that Hunter was seen at John Paul’s shop multiple times. 

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