Jeanette Nunez Argues Democrats Voted Against Anti-Socialism Resolution Because They Support Socialism

Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez joined FOX and Friends to discuss 86 House Democrats voting against an anti-socialism resolution. House Democrats claimed that the threat does not exist and that the resolution is “nothing more than a scare tactic.”

Nunez argued that the 86 Democrats who voted against the resolution clearly show that they support socialism. She shared that they have been “chipping away at the tenets” of America since they have been in office.


Nunez, whose family escaped socialism, explained that Florida is an exemplary state that understands freedom and the horrors of communism. With victims of communism fleeing to Florida, Nunez asserted that her state “will not stand for it” as they will always be sure to “stand on the side of freedom.”

In response to the removal of BLM and CRT material from African American studies, Nunez argued that African American studies are needed and is in fact a requirement under Florida law, but declared that BLM and CRT adds no educational value to the course.


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