Jennifer Griffin Explains Pentagon’s Perspective on U.S. Response to Russia

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin discussed the perspective of the Pentagon in regard to the U.S. response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Griffin explained that the Pentagon knew their options were limited because of Russia being a nuclear power, and said that NATO and the U.S. “are not going to go to war with Russia over Ukraine,” adding that their goal right now is to “contain this and keep this from spilling over.” Griffin shared that the Pentagon is publicly quiet right now, there are no troops involved, but they will keep us informed about what they see. 


Regarding Putin’s invasion, Griffin made the point that he is not just talking about Ukraine as he has made “cryptic references” since July about Poland and Lithuania noting their historic ties to Ukraine and Putin’s concerning disapproval of their choice of Catholicism over the Russian Orthodox Church. Noting Putin’s threats to NATO not to get involved in the conflict, Griffin said Americans and Europeans should understand how “expansionist and deadly serious” Putin is, adding that “this is just the beginning, not the end.”


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