Jennifer Nettles Shares What Makes ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Genuine and Heartwarming

Singer Jennifer Nettles, host of the new reality show ‘Farmer Wants a Wife,’ joined Ainsley Earhardt Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends along with the show’s farmers. 

Nettles explained that the concept of the show intrigued her, adding that the show has been so “heartwarming” as it involves “real people looking for real love.” Nettles said of the farmers that they are “so kind, so good, and so genuine.” 


Hunter Grayson, a Georgia rancher who is looking for a wife, shared that his grandfather always introduced his grandmother as his “sweetheart,” and Grayson said he is looking for the same. 

Ryan Black, a third generation cowboy from North Carolina seeking a wife, shared that he is looking for a woman who is feminine and being “that person” who he could spend his life with. 


Landon Heaton, an Oklahoma rancher who is also looking for a wife, shared that he stopped looking for love for a while, but when ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ came along, he took the opportunity to hopefully find the love he has been waiting for, adding that though he did not believe he would find love, he found himself pleasantly surprised by the end of the show. 

Allen Foster, a rancher from Tennessee who is seeking a wife, shared that he is looking for someone with whom he could share his life and grow old. 

Nettles shared that what she loves most about the show is that it is not this “scandalous” show where contestants are crying holding roses, but every person involved has been in it for the right reasons. While the contestants live in the city, Nettles shared that it adds to the show the question “what are you willing to do for love?”

‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ premieres on FOX Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET. 

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