‘Jeremy’s Chocolates’ Launches as Alternative to Hershey After Trans Women’s Day Ad

After The Hershey Company launched its International Women’s Day campaign featuring a transgender woman, Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing launched an alternative brand of chocolate. Boreing joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss why and how the Daily Wire started up their own chocolate company. 

Boreing explained that the Daily Wire tries to provide alternatives for consumers who do not agree with the woke left companies whose services they use. With woke companies thinking they will maintain their customer base because they have no other choice, the Daily Wire offers the alternative so consumers can buy from companies they support. 


Jeremy’s chocolate tastes “delicious” says Boreing, who shared that the chocolate bar was created in just two days to quickly respond to Hershey.

This is not the first time the Daily Wire has developed an alternative company to those that have gone woke, citing the creation of Jeremy’s Razors after Harry’s stopped advertising on the Daily Wire over a similar disagreement. 


The “non-woke” chocolate bars can be bought at ihatehersheys.com. Although the price is high for candy bars, Boreing said it costs much to get a company like this started so quickly, and there is high demand. 

Since their launch, Jeremy’s Chocolate has sold more than 400,000 “non-woke” chocolate bars. Boreing said the company will be working on new flavors as they work with chocolatiers and manufacturers. 

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