Kentucky Parents React to School District’s Reinstated Mask Mandate

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed parents Jennifer Griffin and Steve Ullum who shared their reactions to their Kentucky school district reinstating a universal mask mandate requiring everyone on school property to wear a mask. 

Griffin shared that this is the fourth academic year that her kids need to follow some kind of COVID mandate, adding that it is frustrating and they just “need normal” for their kids in school. Ullum, who pulled his daughter out of public school and put her in private school, expressed similar frustration, noting that after changing his daughter’s school, she made great improvements and was doing much better. 


Ullum is running for school board of the district and noted the absurdity of focusing on “pointless mask mandates” while the school district is suffering from “skyrocketing” violence as well as low math and reading proficiency rates. 


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