Kurt Knutsson Shares Apps to Help Travelers Manage Flight Cancellations or Delays

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Rachel Campos-Duffy interviewed Fox News’ Kurt Knutsson who shared his tips on navigating flight delays, especially as thousands of flights are canceled or delayed this holiday weekend. 

Knutsson shared some of the tools that will help Americans be prepared for travel should their flight be canceled or delayed. One app Knutsson suggested travelers have on their phones before arriving at the airport is ‘Flight Board,’ which lists the status of every flight like an old-fashioned flight board. With this app, travelers can see which airlines are operating with flights going to their intended destination, and they may be able to get on that flight. Another app is ‘Expert Flyer’ which shows the raw data of how many seats are left on every plane, which can help travelers find themselves a spot on a flight. 

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