LA Business Owner Bans Masks in Store Due to Escalating Crime

Fraser Ross, owner of the boutique clothing store Kitson Los Angeles, joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss how his store is banning customers from wearing masks as thieves were reportedly using them to hide their identity.

Ross explained that crime in his area of Los Angeles has been escalating daily, noting that people have come in with weapons threatening staff, and he has even been strangled and pepper-sprayed himself. Ross shared that because of the thieves wearing hats, hoodies, and the masks, it is difficult to identify them. With crime rates skyrocketing in Los Angeles, Ross shared that they have had to hire extra security for their store. He added that celebrities supporting Gascon and declaring that they will bail out rioters and looters, is only adding to the problem. 


Offering alternatives to customers who are uncomfortable not wearing masks in his store, Ross explained that he must do what is necessary to protect his staff and his business from the threatening crime. 


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