Lara Trump Challenges Disney Over Florida’s Parental Rights Bill

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Fox News contributor Lara Trump to discuss Disney’s reaction to Florida’s parental rights bill. Lara noted that it is clear that Disney has not even read the bill. 

Lara described Disney as a source of “wholesome family friendly entertainment” for the past several decades, but now has gotten involved in pushing a disturbing political agenda. Regarding Disney’s fight to repeal the parental rights bill, Lara pointed out that they do not even know what it says adding that it refers to the prohibition of speaking about sex or sexual orientation in public schools with children from kindergarten through third grade. 


Calling it common sense, Lara shared that she is concerned about how quickly young children are being encouraged to grow up at such a fast pace. With Disney embracing the “woke” agenda, like many other corporations, Lara suggests they are alienating their audience and will likely see repercussions of their actions. 


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