Lara Trump Defends Police Officers While Democrats Continue to Speak Against Them

Lara Trump appeared on FOX and Friends Thursday morning noting President Biden’s vilification of the police as he made his way to New York City to discuss the rise in crime. Recognizing Biden’s visit as nothing more than a photo-op, the panel referenced all the times he shared anti-cop sentiment across the country. 

After co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that most of what President Biden talks about regarding crime is police violence, Lara added that Biden has shown his appeasement of the radical Democrats who say that all cops are bad. She also suggests that his visit to New York City will accomplish nothing.


In response to Susan Sarandon’s distasteful and inaccurate post regarding the funerals of NYPD Officers Rivera and Mora outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Lara fired back by pointing out that her four year old daughter knows that America needs its police officers, and challenged Sarandon to live in a city without the protection of law enforcement, and actually learn the meaning of the word fascism. 

Lara expressed gratitude for police officers by noting their commitment to keeping cities safe and risking their own lives each and every day for our protection. 


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