Lara Trump Reacts to Biden’s Lowest Approval Ratings, Elon Musk’s Possible Twitter Takeover

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Fox News Contributor Lara Trump to discuss her reaction to Joe Biden’s lowest approval rating and Elon Musk’s possible takeover of Twitter. 

In response to Biden’s lowest approval rating of just 33%, Lara Trump explained that though she does not “put a whole lot of weight in polling,” many Americans are likely seeing the country moving in the wrong direction as everything gets more and more expensive, but paychecks stay the same. She added that it is frustrating when there are viable solutions to problems, such as high gas prices, which Donald Trump supported when he was in office, but Joe Biden will not support. Lara argued that the most upsetting part of this is that with Biden there is no plan to turn things around and with Americans watching their Commander in Chief embarrass the United States in every public appearance, “bumbling” over words and barely getting through, it is no wonder why Americans have a low confidence level when it comes to their current President. 


Regarding the news that Elon Musk may take over Twitter, Lara Trump shared that “[championing] freedom of speech and [giving] people their voices back is the right way to go,” with so many people, especially conservatives, not even bothering with Twitter anymore since they have restricted free discussions. 


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