Legacy Expeditions Completes Triple 7 Challenge to Fundraise for Folds of Honor

Legacy Expeditions team members joined FOX and Friends on Friday morning to discuss their mission to raise awareness and funding for Folds of Honor by completing seven skydives in seven continents in just seven days. 

Mike Sarraille, retired Navy SEAL and former Marine, explained that the “Triple 7 Concept” of seven continents, seven skydives, seven days, was always thought to be impossible, and the team took on the challenge in honor of the fallen. 


The team started in Antarctica, then went to Chile, then Miami, then Barcelona, then Cairo, then the UAE, and finished in Australia. The team even got over the obstacle of the airways being shut down during their challenge.

What makes this cause even more special is that each team member jumped for a fallen military member they wanted to honor. Sarraille explained that it is so important to bring everyone together to keep telling the stories of our fallen heroes and ensure their memories are never forgotten. 


Dan Rooney joined the conversation as well, sharing his gratitude for the team’s efforts and commended their commitment to ensuring the legacy of our heroes will always be remembered. 

The team set a goal of $7 million and has raised nearly $500,000 at this point. Though it is tough to raise money, the team is not giving up on reaching their goal. Rooney explained that what they have raised so far would cover about 100 scholarships for the children of our fallen service members. 

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