Leo Terrell Argues Biden’s BLM Supreme Court Advisor Does Not Support American Values

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News contributor and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell shared his reaction to one of the advisors, Minyon Moore, who is helping President Biden choose his first Supreme Court nominee. Moore sits on the Black Lives Matter board of directors. Steve Doocy read the Daily Mail headline, “Revealed: Biden’s choice to help with his SCOTUS pick is a BLM board member, CRT promoter and defund-the-police supporter – none of which he mentioned when he announced her.” Terrell asserted that Biden is deceiving the American public. 

Terrell made the strong case that “America does not need a Supreme Court Justice that shares the values of Black Lives Matter,” noting that they essentially “co-sponsored the summer riots, they believe in critical race theory, they believe in defunding the police, [and] in supporting soft prosecutors.” Terrell argued that the Black Lives Matter agenda does not support American values. 


Reflecting on the last twelve months of the Biden Administration and how far left the country has gone, Terrell asserts that America should expect an extremist to be appointed, but he notes that the public’s reaction will be revealed in the midterm elections. 


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