Leo Terrell Defends Diocese Right to Ban ‘Wokeness’ in Schools, Parishes

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss the backlash towards the Diocese of Des Moines in Iowa for adopting rules that ban gender pronouns, bathroom choice, and gender blockers in schools and parishes. 

Iowa state Senator Clair Celsi (D) said, “…The Des Moines Diocese is trying to shun and exclude people based on their sexual orientation and gender expression…This is not what Jesus would do…”


Terrell shared that this is a First Amendment issue noting that the “woke community has declared war on religion” because they have to respect that people teach God in their own institutions, and that does not fit into their vision for America. Terrell slammed the “woke community” for infiltrating public schools, but pointed out that they cannot expand their control into religious and private institutions. 

In response to Democrats citing that the Diocese receives federal funding, Terrell argued that they will not lose their tax exempt status or First Amendment right to implement policies and procedures in line with their beliefs. 


Terrell explained that the Diocese is not allowing the woke community to intervene in their religious institution or infringe on their rights. Terrell added that the woke community is angry over not being able to indoctrinate inside the church while religious institutions continue teach their values and have the protection to do so.  

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