Leo Terrell Explains Why More Americans Are Drawn to the Republican Party

Leo Terrell appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning in an interview with Ainsley Earhardt in which they discussed the results of a new survey that revealed Americans prefer the Republican party over the Democratic party. Leo 2.0, who was a Democrat that left the party and became a Republican, explains exactly why more are following in his footsteps. 

Leo shares that Democrats are severely “disconnected from the everyday American” who wants to put food on the table, bring inflation down, have better schools, and lower crime in their communities. He suggests that hard-working Americans better identify with Republicans whose values reflect theirs. Adding that the “Democrat’s playbook is outdated,” Leo argues that their obsession with “the race-card” has only harmed their party, citing President Biden’s racist remarks about blacks voting for Trump, and the Democratic party’s insulting assumptions. 


With policies that have shown no benefits, Leo explains that Democrats do not understand how to actually help people of color. Referencing the voting rights legislation that President Biden and Vice President Harris want passed, Leo asserts that it is a “red herring” serving only as a distraction. 


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