Leo Terrell Outraged Over Whoopi’s Holocaust Comment

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, guest co-host Carley Shimkus interviewed Leo Terrell discussing Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial comment while hosting ‘The View’ that “the Holocaust was not about race.” Leo asserted that the comment was unacceptable and her apology was not enough. 

Leo clearly explained that the truth is that “[Whoopi] marginalized the death of 6 million Jews…and downplayed that the Nazis tried to systematically eliminate every Jew on this planet.” In response to her apology remarks, Leo stated,I feel as a black man, as a civil rights attorney and as a history teacher that what she said was anti-semitic, racist, and downplayed that 6 million people were murdered and their ancestors will never have any type of satisfaction of resolution. It’s an attempt to ignore what happened 70 years ago. This world should never forget that a madman tried to eliminate a religious group off the face of this earth.” 


Though he does not believe that Whoopi should be terminated, Leo expressed his frustration with the double standard the left has for holding people accountable for comments and he calls for having “uniform fairness of letting people speak the way they want.”


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