Leo Terrell Reacts to California’s ‘Crime Encampments’, Woke Candidates Eyeing White House Run

Leo Terrell joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss California’s crime and homeless crisis along with Gavin Newsom’s focus on a possible run for the White House. 

Terrell argued that to use the term ‘homelessness’ is a lie, saying instead that it should be called ‘crime encampments’ which would more accurately reflect what is going on across California. He pointed out that billions and billions of dollars are being poured into this ‘homelessness’ issue but it is never with the intent to actually solve it. Terrell challenged anyone to find video of homeless encampments where drugs are not present. 


Regarding Gavin Newsom, Terrell argued that he does not need to have any success behind him in California because simply being a ‘woke’ progressive candidate is enough for a win. 


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