Leo Terrell Reacts to Inflation, Education Issues Ahead of Midterms

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Fox News contributor Leo Terrell to discuss the effects of inflation as well as the corruption of Black Lives Matter and teachers unions ahead of the midterm election. 

Terrell asserted that inflation is “devastating” the state of California where the residents are heavily taxed and people cannot even afford to go to work because they cannot afford to fill their cars with gas. 


He responded to another issue coming out of California with a 6 million dollar mansion purchased by Black Lives Matter. Terrell argued that Black Lives Matter has “used their nonprofit status to exploit black people,” but they have been protected by Democrats. Terrell added that Black Lives Matter has been hiding behind Twitter, but will no longer be able to when Republicans take over Congress. He further argued that parents have been blocked from getting access to school curricula, but that will change when leadership changes in November. 


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