Lt. Chris Olivarez Warns Americans Not to Go to Mexico Under Any Circumstances

Texas Department of Public Safety’s Lt. Chris Olivarez joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to issue a dire warning to Americans not to travel to Mexico as cartel violence and kidnappings have escalated. 

As four Americans have recently been abducted, and two of them killed by cartels, Olivarez said that the threat is real. Olivarez warned Americans not to travel to Mexico under any certain circumstances. He mentioned cartels and smaller groups within them that carry out the attacks and violence for the cartels, adding that cartels also recruit for organized crime. 


Olivarez stressed that the danger of going into Mexico is severe. He explained that the cartels are close to America, and with the border control crisis, their threat is even greater. 

As spring break approaches, Olivarez firmly asserted that anyone planning a trip to Mexico should reconsider and find another location where their lives will not be at risk.  


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