Maine Lobsterman Warns Industry May Not Survive Environmental Restrictions

Fourth-generation lobsterman and business owner Dustin Delano from Maine joined Ainsley Earhardt Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss the environmental restrictions that will threaten the survival of his industry.

Environmental groups are targeting the lobster fishing industry and will cost thousands of livelihoods with their proposals. Delano explained that the Maine lobstermen are “ordinary business owners” with “small operations,” but environmentalists who are being largely funded by “dark money” are targeting their businesses. 


As the environmental groups continue to sue for more regulations on the industry, Delano said there will soon be nothing left to take away. They have proposed that by 2030, fishing should be completely ropeless, which the lobstermen use for their buoy lines, and they are proposing that the lobstermen use “high tech contraptions” which cost thousands of dollars and are “dangerous.” 

Delano explained that destroying the thriving lobster industry will devastate Maine where many depend on it. 


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