Marine Corps Veteran, Sanitation Worker Folds American Flag in Teachable Moment

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed U.S. Marine Corps veteran Don Gardner who took time while working his sanitation job to fold an American flag that he found in the trash. Homeowner Brooke Cowley, who was “humbled” by what she saw, captured the moment on video and shared it to Facebook. 

In response to Ainsley’s inquiry about what the American flag means to Gardner, he shared that “a lot of people died under that flag to protect our country and it’s something that I honor.” Though he said that he was “just doing his job,” Gardner has set an incredible example for younger generations and made his community proud. 


Crowley, who absentmindedly discarded the flag after cleaning up her yard from a wind storm, explained that she was “embarrassed” by what she had done, and felt “humbled” when she saw Gardner taking the time to fold the flag properly. Crowley’s family gifted Gardner with a challenge coin and expressed their appreciation for his service to both his country and community. 


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