Mask Mandate Will Return to Philadelphia Adding to Challenges for Restaurants, Hotels

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association President Ben Fileccia to discuss his reaction to Philadelphia reinstating the indoor mask mandate and what it means for restaurants and hotels. 

Fileccia explained that restaurants and hotels in Philadelphia are worried since this mandate is only adding another challenge to their already overwhelming problems with labor shortages, inflation, and supply chain issues. Noting that Philadelphia is the only city in the country and the only one out of 67 counties to bring back the indoor mask mandate, Fileccia sees an even longer road to recovery ahead for these businesses. 


Disagreeing with the city’s health commissioner who suggested that these mask mandates will help businesses, Fileccia suggests that allowing the people in Philadelphia to choose for themselves whether or not they want to wear a mask is a better option. 


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