Maui Resident Shares Emotional Experience Escaping Fires

Maria Lanakila Catholic Church member Chamille Misay-Serrano joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the greater symbol of hope her church has become after remaining untouched by the raging wildfires that devastated Maui. 

Chamille’s family lost everything in the fire. She explained that the week was “very, very long” and explained how the business she works at could not open due to having no electricity. The day they began, Chamille returned home to help her family pack, and she was very concerned for her 91-year-old mother and her grandson who had just turned 2 months old that day. Chamille was able to secure their transportation, and that of several others, to leave Lahaina. 


The area around the church is all gone, said Chamille, which makes the fact that the structure is still standing a miracle. Chamille’s home, car, and work are all gone, but the church is what is left for her in Lahaina. 

In all of the chaos and devastation, Chamille shared that it is hard to think as her future is uncertain and the situation is overwhelming. Chamille has asked for prayers as Maui copes with their sudden tragedy.


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