Members of the U.S. House of Representatives Will Visit the Ukrainian Border on Friday

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania discussed his upcoming trip to the Ukrainian border that he will take with five other members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The six members of the House will leave for the Ukrainian border on Friday. The bipartisan delegation will see the conflict firsthand and find out if assistance, mainly defensive equipment, is actually getting there and in a timely manner. 

Rep. Fitzpatrick shared that he and the other members of the House were prompted to go to the Ukrainian border themselves having questions about the supplies getting to Ukraine. He explained that they were all horrified by the images they have seen and are concerned that they may not have all of the information they need to know. Fitzpatrick pointed out the particularly troubling situation of 40 Russian tanks that are lined up just sitting there with nothing being done about it. He shared that they will demand answers to their questions and hopefully resolve the issues by reporting back to Congress and taking effective action. 


Responding to the question of how much time they have to get supplies in before Kyiv and other areas close down, Fitzpatrick explained that time is “diminishing by the day” adding that action should have been taken weeks ago, and everyday that goes by waiting is a day that costs Ukrainian lives. 


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