MGA Launches Affordable Toy Line to Help Struggling Families During the Holidays

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss his company’s launch of over 200 affordable toys to help out families amid high inflation costs just ahead of the holiday season. 

MGA Entertainment is launching over 200 news toys that cost $10 or less to make it more affordable for families to buy gifts for the holidays. Larian explained that inflation is making a drastic impact on the finances of many families, and recognizing that consumers have much less money to spend, his company began producing toys that could be sold at an affordable price. 


MGA Entertainment has even partnered with companies like Hershey to be able to give more of a variety of toys. Last year, MGA Entertainment offered 10 toys, and now they are able to offer an impressive 200, giving more families the opportunity to buy gifts for their loved ones. 


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