Mike Rowe Reacts to American Men Choosing Not to Work

Mike Rowe joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the alarming number of people abandoning the workforce as it has been reported that more than 7 million able-bodied men are not working, nor are they looking for work. 

Rowe shared that it is difficult to process such a statistic as stories of giant layoffs hit the news everyday. Rowe explained that Dirty Jobs and How America Works shows Americans the types of jobs they can have that are necessary and keep America running. He hopes that the message received from his shows tells Americans the importance of work and working hard.  


Rowe also warned against the attack on freelance workers, and how “people in power” do not want workers seeing where their money goes. Referencing bills that threaten freelance workers, Rowe warned them to pay attention to new developments. 


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