Miranda Devine Explains Why Biden’s Impeachment May Be “Inevitable”

Fox News contributor Miranda Devine joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss what she says is the “inevitable” impeachment of President Joe Biden. 

Biden was recently seen laughing off a congressional request for his financial statements, which Devine said is something Biden has done throughout his career when he avoids answering questions. Devine noted that Biden has not addressed the “mountain of evidence” that has been piling up against him over the past two years. 


Devine said that Biden must explain what is going on, and his lack of doing anything in response to the investigation and inquiries is leading Americans to become more and more suspicious of his corruption. 

The recent discovery of Biden’s use of aliases in thousands of emails and records held by the National Archives has added yet another layer of corruption for which the American people will want answers. 


Ultimately, Devine said that she believes an impeachment is inevitable, but witnesses are afraid to come before the committee to speak out. Still, the committee has managed to uncover and reveal to the public a lot of damaging information on Biden’s corruption. 

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