Missouri Sheriff’s Department Hosts Engaging Summer Camp to Teach Middle Schoolers About Law Enforcement

Clay County Deputy Shepard Owens and Corporal Guy ‘Bear’ McCulley joined FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to share details about the summer camp they are hosting for middle schoolers in the North Kansas City School District in Missouri. Owens and McCulley were joined by two eighth graders who are participating in the program who praised their experiences. 

Owens explained that hosting the Junior Police Academy has allowed the Clay County Sheriff’s Office to become more involved in the community and the school district, which they are already very close with. The officers shared that they want to show children that there “is a different side” than what they may see of police officers with how they are often depicted in the news. 


The eighth graders shared that they are enjoying the program, noting that they have learned so much about arrests, car stops, reports, police dogs, and more. What makes this program special is the “hands-on” experience the officers are giving to the children, helping them learn while immersed in real activities rather than listening to a PowerPoint presentation in a classroom. 


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