Missouri Taxi Company Shuts Down Due to Inflation, Labor Shortage

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed the owners of Taxi Terry’s, Angie and Terry Nickerson Sr., who described the conditions that forced them to shut down their business. 

Taxi Terry’s, which offered wheelchair accessible vehicles, served their Missouri community for thirteen years, but after two years of incredible challenges, they are no longer able to continue. Angie explained that the labor shortage, gas prices, and cars in the shop not being able to get parts all added up to them needing to close their doors.


Angie and Terry want their community to know that they put in all they had to keep going, and are also heartbroken that they could no longer continue their business. Terry added that he hopes someone will “pick up the slack” and help the community so that people can continue getting rides to work, doctor’s offices, and other appointments. 


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