Monica Crowley Reacts to Classified Documents Found in Mike Pence’s Home

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley joined FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to discuss the discovery of classified documents now being found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home. 

Crowley questioned if there was any place in America that did not hold our “nation’s secrets.” Crowley shared that on the legal side, now with three high ranking individuals, referring to Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and now Mike Pence, having classified documents in their possession, it could ‘neutralize’ the possibility of any prosecution. 


On the political side however, Crowley explained that the content of the documents is crucial. She noted that there is an “overclassification problem” in the government, so investigating what these documents involved is important. 

It is also significant, she argued, to identify how secured the documents were citing that at Mar-a-Lago, documents were “under lock and key,” Pence’s were in unopened boxes, and Biden’s documents were just thrown in random cardboard boxes in his garage next to his corvette. 


Crowley also questions whether or not Hunter Biden had access to the documents left in his father’s garage, and whether or not he used the information as leverage in his family’s personal international business dealings.

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