Morgan Ortagus Remembers the Thirteen Americans Who Perished in Afghanistan Withdrawal

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, former State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the tribute she is doing to each of the thirteen brave American service members who sacrificed their lives one year ago in the withdrawal of Afghanistan. 

Ortagus explained that each day she will share what the family and friends have said of the thirteen service members, adding that gratitude is given to the thirteen brave Americans and their family for their sacrifice. Ortagus highlighted Sgt. Nicole Gee who was pictured carrying a baby to safety with her family noting that she would have given her life for any baby. Ortagus also highlighted Cpl. Hunter Lopez who had walked through five miles of Taliban territory to get a young Afghan boy to safety which his family said was typical of him to save any child. 


Honoring these thirteen brave men and women, Ortagus is among those ensuring that these heroes are not forgotten. Ortagus slammed the Biden administration saying, this is “an anniversary of shame.” 


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