Mother From Ukraine Escapes to Israel While Husband Stays Behind to Help

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt spoke with Ahuva Rosilio, a mother of three, who fled Ukraine while her first-responder husband stayed behind to help others evacuate. Ahuva and her three children escaped to Israel upon receiving the notification that Americans had to evacuate within a 48 hour period, and Israelis were given a 24 hour period. 

Ahuva shared that the last few days have been difficult as they have no information about what is going on in Ukraine, but they are trying to prepare the best they can. Ahuva, who has been in contact with her husband, explained that he is trying to organize an evacuation plan through the border of Poland, if it comes to that. There are over 250 families left just from Ahuva’s community that he is trying to help. She added that throughout the evacuation they will need supplies including food, water, and transportation to get all of the families out safely. 


Ainsley shared that thoughts and prayers will be with the people of Ukraine. 


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