Mother Moves Family From NYC to South Carolina After 4-Year-Old Son Was Attacked

Rafaela Rivera, a mother who moved her family out of crime-ridden New York City after her four-year-old son was randomly punched on the streets by a repeat offender, joined Ainsley Earhardt Monday morning FOX and Friends to share her story. 

Rivera took her family to South Carolina which has brought a myriad of benefits for her and her family. Rivera is overjoyed to be living in South Carolina, not just because it is safer than New York City, but the better cost of living is a plus as well. 


After waiting the rest of the year to make sure their decision was the right one, Rivera’s husband shared that waking up day after day to the crumbling, horrific conditions plaguing New York City, they decided it was time to take their family to a safer home. 

The Rivera family fell in love with South Carolina, noting the food, the friendliness of the neighborhood, less crime, and affordability among other aspects. Rivera shared that after friends and family have visited them, they too are ready to leave New York. 


Rivera’s son remembers the attack, and asks if he will get hit on the streets while in South Carolina. Fortunately, because of taking action for her family, Rivera can tell him he is safe now.  

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