Murray Reacts to Disinformation Governance Board: ‘Everything about this role is suspicious’

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed author Douglas Murray to discuss the Disinformation Governance Board. Murray argued that there is no place in America for a board like this. 

Aside from the fuss surrounding the disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz’s cringe-worthy video that she posted to her now-private TikTok, Murray firmly asserted that there is a serious problem with this position. He argued that Jankowicz is “totally unfit for the task” as she herself has made the wrong calls on declaring things “disinformation” when they were not, and vice versa. Still, he asserted that nobody should have this job and it should not exist. 


Murray warned that “everything about this role is suspicious,” adding that nominating a “political operative” to such an unfounded position threatens America’s founding principle of the freedom of speech. 


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