New Catholic College Gives Graduates a Chance of Success Instead of Crippling Debt

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed College of St. Joseph the Worker employees Jacob Imam and Mike Sullivan who explained how their new Catholic college in Ohio will offer degree and trade education that will not leave graduates with crippling debt. The college, which is set to open in the fall of 2023, offers a three year program and will cost students $15,000 per year including their housing. 

Imam explained that they got the idea after speaking with a friend from another college’s admissions office who was upset about feeling “increasingly guilty for welcoming students to his school knowing that the education was a bit rubbish, but also that he was going to be saddling these students up to their eyeballs in debt,” and noted that it was not right to send graduates out into the world “limping financially” instead of sending them out ready for the workforce and the “best years of their lives.”


Sullivan shared that the school addresses three issues in particular with higher education including one, the crippling debt; two, the lack of tradesmen; and three, the lack of character formation on college campuses. Imam added that the students they are looking for are those who have dedication to the intellectual life and the trades, noting that the school is one “where the head and the hands are not divorced from one another but truly integrated.”


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