New Jersey Mother and Daughter Describe Out-of-Control Bullying Issue at School

New Jersey student Emily Strick and her mother Jo Siclari joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss the tragic incidents of bullying in their school district after one student took her own life.

The bullying issue in the school district is widespread and dangerous. Strick, who has been bullied at the school herself, called the circumstances “terrible.” Not knowing whether the bullies have been punished has invoked fear in students. Although the Assistant Principal told Strick the school was going to “do more,” they have yet to reveal what it is exactly that they will do.


Siclari said that she has tried reaching out to the Superintendent, the Board of Education, and the police department, but has yet to receive any response. Siclari explained that parents should not have to worry about bullying and the effects of it when sending their children to school. 


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