New Mexico Congressional Candidate Explains Why She’s Running as a Republican, Reacts to Jill Biden’s ‘Derogatory’ Comment

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed U.S. congressional candidate from New Mexico Alexis Martinez Johnson to discuss her reasons for running as a Republican and her reaction to the First Lady’s “derogatory” comment. 

Johnson explained that many Latino voters are leaving the Democratic Party because their values of “hard work, family, and self determination” no longer align. Johnson shared that today, her children have less opportunity than when she was younger due to the “skyrocketing inflation.” Johnson is running for Congress because she wants to restore opportunity and the American dream for the younger generations.


In response to Jill Biden’s comments comparing Hispanics to “breakfast tacos,” Johnson shared that she finds it “a travesty” to be referred to in such terms, adding that Hispanics are proud, value-driven Americans and such a disrespectful comment is unacceptable. 


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