New Yorkers Terrified as City Streets Are Plagued With Deadly Criminals

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Retired NYPD inspector Alison Esposito to discuss the terrifying state of New York City as the heartbreaking death of FDNY EMT Allison Russo is mourned. 

In response to calls to “defund politicians,” Esposito shared that it “might be a good idea” as many are out of touch with reality, noting that they are not riding the subways or walking on the city streets. While these politicians claim that the city is safe, Esposito argued that New Yorkers are not “stupid” and can see with their own eyes the nightmare New York City has become as they witness the repeated horrors day after day. Esposito firmly asserted that New Yorkers are scared, and as politicians who sit in their “ivory towers” continue to ignore that and destroy the city’s police, survival will only become more difficult. 

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