Newt Gingrich Argues Biden’s Assertion to Defend Taiwan Was the Right Approach

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich discussed his reaction to President Biden’s assertion that America will defend Taiwan if China were to attack them. 

Gingrich shared that he believes Biden’s response was right, referencing the conditions in Ukraine with Russia’s invasion. Gingrich noted that Biden needs to be very clear on Taiwan and he does not understand why the White House would “walk back” his words. Gingrich asserted that Xi Jinping needs to understand that an attack on Taiwan and America defending Taiwan would lead to a general war with China. 


Regarding the discrepancy between Biden’s words and his administration’s approach to the issue, Gingrich stated that Biden’s key people “are hardline left wingers who are terrified of the world,” and further asserted that Biden’s instinct in his response was the right approach.


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