NFL Player Escorts Fan to Father-Daughter Dance

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt highlighted a recent act of kindness from NFL player, Anthony Harris, from the Philadelphia Eagles who escorted 11-year-old Audrey Soape to a daddy-daughter dance. Since Audrey lost her father, her mother Holly reached out to Harris who fully embraced the request for him to take Audrey to the dance.

Holly shared that she explained the situation and received a response that Harris was “more than willing” to take Audrey to the dance. He even made sure she had the dress and shoes that she wanted, and helped set up hair and make-up. Amazed by Harris’s incredible kindness, Audrey felt like a princess the whole night. 


Reflecting on the event, Audrey shared that she was nervous at first, but soon felt more comfortable as she and Harris talked about football and how her day was going. By taking Audrey to the daddy-daughter dance, Harris was able to bring her joy and showed her that no star is ever out of reach. 


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