NJ School Board Ignores Mask Rules for Teachers, But Not Parents

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, co-host Carley Shimkus interviewed Ashley Laub, a mother from Ridgewood, New Jersey who discussed the school district’s blatant hypocrisy of their COVID-19 mask mandate. The New Jersey School Board ordered parents to keep their masks on when speaking at the microphone while minutes earlier teachers were removing their masks to speak and closely pose together for photos. 

Ashley explained that parents are frustrated not just with the hypocrisy, but with the school board’s ignorance of parents who advocate for their children. Defending their own hypocrisy, one school board member explained that she did not feel it necessary to interrupt the teachers gloating in their “beautiful recognition moment” with petty mask rules. 


As Ashley stated, the “rules for thee and not for me” is an issue affecting many across the country. Advocating for a plan to get back to normalcy, Ashley asserted that it must be implemented consistently for everyone. 


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